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War of the Worlds at Regionals

So, the War of the Worlds is over. We finished as first runner up at an extremely competitive regional festival. We actually scored higher than we did last year, but there were just some incredible schools this year!

Congratulations to my entire cast and crew who did an exceptional job.

Awarded as All State Cast were: Marvin Merritt, Ali Eaton, Amy Friedell, and Alex Shorey.

Given a special commendation for Technical Excellence for Lighting and Sound: Mina Mattes and Oskar Mattes.

Given a special commendation for their excellence as a stage crew: Riley Getto, Andrea Anne Kyzer, Brendan Penfold, and Natalie Hugene Knowlton (and it should be noted how wonderful the cast was in aiding them throughout the show).

And congratulations to all those involved!

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