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Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

This fall, a small-cast show provides big learning opportunities.

Marking the 100th year since the State of Maine forcibly evicted the mixed-race inhabitants from Malaga Island, Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy uses a singular friendship to examine the history of race and economic difference on the coast of Maine. Hilarious and heartbreaking in turn, the play charts one boy’s coming of age and his attempts to “do the right thing”.

Show dates:

Friday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, November 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets sold at the door: Adults: $10.00 Senior Citizens: $8.00 Off Island Students: $5.00 Island Students: FREE

Thanks to collaboration with Opera House Arts, the DISES library, and the middle level staff, the opportunities to explore the story’s depths will continue well after the show. The 6th and 7th grade will be reading the Newberry award-winning Young Adult novel from which the show was adapted and the novelist, Gary D. Schmidt, will be visiting the school. Finally, the whole middle level will take a field trip to Augusta, where they will explore the Maine State Museum’s new exhibit “Malaga Island, Fragmented Lives”.

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