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Bagaduce Chorale at the REACH

The Bagaduce Chorale will perform Mendelssohn’s Elijah in concert, Sunday May 6th at 3pm.

Elijah is one of the great masterpieces of oratorio literature for good reason. Since it’s 1846 debut at the Triennial Festival in Birmingham, England, Elijah has been an audience favorite.

It is also a favorite of Chorale Founder and Director Emerita Mary Cheyney Gould who says “Elijahhas some of the most beautiful choral music ever written. The story is powerful but the music is glorious!”

The theme of an oratorio is meant to be weighty, portraying larger-than life characters in dramatic situations.

And Mendelssohn delivers in his telling of the Prophet Elijah’s trials and triumphs. Oratorios by tradition deal with sacred topics. Elijah transcends religious denomination or theology in it’s telling of a man led by his passionate faith to transform himself and his people.

The Chorale will perform the work in English. Originally written in German, Mendelssohn himself, who spoke fluent English, worked tirelessly to perfect the English version.

For more information about the Bagaduce Chorale, please visit their website.

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