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Seven Summer Sketches

Ever thought about writing a short comdey skit and then seeing it performed on stage? Then pick up your pens or your laptops, get started writing, and submit your ideas. On September 7 & 8, 2012 the Reach Performing Arts Center (RPAC) will present; Live, from Deer Isle, the Not-Ready-for-the-Mainland Players in “Seven Summer Sketches” developed by community members and interspersed with parody commercials.

Come on – you know that you’ve had an idea that you have been dying to develop. Here is your chance!! We especially would like to see ideas with a local flavor, but all ideas will be considered – from fully developed scripts to half-baked ideas.

Really. You can submit a script, an outline, a cool idea, or just show up and see where that takes you. We’ll have an organizational and brainstorming meeting in June to develop ideas, select some of the best ones, and appoint directors to help work them into shape. The process will be a collaborative one involving the wsriter/idea-generator, director and actors. Sound like fun? Then join us. There may even be some prozes for the most creative ideas.

Start by sending us ideas/outlines/drafts for sketches or commercials by May 31, 2012. A sketch should be 5 to 10 minutes in length and a commercial about a minute. You can email them to or smail mail to Jeff Brink, 103 Reach Road, Deer Isle ME, 04627. Call 348-2550 if you have questions.

If you don’t want to submit an idea, don’t worry. You can still participate. We’ll need directors, actors, backstage and front-stage help. It’s going to be a community event. Let us know your level of interest and we will include you on our mailing list. So why are you still sitting there?? —get started……

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