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DEER ISLE, ME  |  June 25, 2022


The Reach Performing Arts Center is excited to announce the presentation of a one-woman show this July. All She Cares About is the Yankees, written by John Ford Noonan, will be on the Reach stage Friday, July 22nd through Sunday, July 24th. 


The production is directed by Jonathan Libman, with Choreography by Tatyana Kot, and  featuring dolls of past Yankee players by Blue Hill’s Carolyn Greene Mor. It stars Amelia Huckel-Bauer as Maureen "Spanky" Oberfeld.


All She Cares About is the Yankees invites the audience to spend an exhilarating hour with "Spanky" Oberfeld during a sweltering summer evening in the mid-80s. Spanky has been unable to leave her home for six weeks, imprisoning herself, yet determined to discover the reason for her fear and self imposed isolation. With the help of some friends on the outside, her passion for baseball, and tons of grit and determination, she attempts time and time again to make it out the door, and back to life. Spanky knows deep down that the only way out is through, and if she can find a way, then we all can too! 


Speaking to the show, Huckel-Bauer said “I've been working on this, in little pieces, since 2017. I first discovered Spanky, when I was asked to find a 'piece that speaks to your soul and can make you fall flat on your face.' And this play does this, every day for me - I fall flat on my face and I also get to soar like an eagle, in this weird and wonderful world. When the pandemic descended, I didn't have childcare options and I really could not get back to my acting career in any meaningful way. It struck me that audiences may feel more of a connection with this show, after experiencing such isolation due to Covid. We have been rehearsing at the Paradise Factory in the East Village, a theater owned and operated by our playwrights' brother, and plan to open there in the fall, as the space is under construction. When my dear friend mentioned that the Reach might be an option, we all felt it was a golden opportunity and the rest is history! Even from my first conception, I had wanted to tour with this show, to small towns and unique stages... so here we are... exactly where we're meant to be." 


Reach Director John Lincoln said “We are so excited to bring this production to our audiences. With the success of co-producing last summer’s Do Not Move Stones, the Reach has found another fantastic partnership with a group of artists who will bring another unique and inspiring evening of theater to our island.” All She Cares About is the Yankees is a Co-Production between Huckel-Bauer and Tatyana alongside The Reach.


With the production being born out of a New York City space, the Reach is only going to open up the front section of seating in the theater, creating a more intimate experience. Tickets are limited, but will all be by donation. Audience members are required to sign up in advance at so that they can track numbers for each evening. Friday and Saturday’s shows will begin at 7:00 PM, with a Sunday matinee at 2:00 PM.

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